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Since June 2007, Dr. Clayman has offered comments and advice on a number of topics in a monthly column called State of Mind for THE STATE JOURNAL. We would like to thank the publication for giving us permission to reprint the columns.

One Size Fits All Plan Won't Help Offenders
The intent of the reforms is noble as it is estimated that 75 percent of all criminal activity is believed to be in some way related to substance more

Facing reality a must when dealing with financial stress
If something can be described as "the root of all evil," is it any surprise that seven out of ten Americans said that thing (money, of course) was a source of stress? more

When to make change count in your business
Change at times seems like the only thing we can count on. What do they say? It's inevitable. Whether we view a change as positive or negative, it can still cause stress. Our reaction to modifications can be healthy if we have, or can more