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If you are seeking an independent psychological evaluation (IPE) to assess psychological damages, civil competencies and other legal issues, Clayman & Associates has the experience and capability to provide reliable assessments that can withstand rigorous scrutiny. We make psychological concepts understandable and useful in the legal setting, considering both direct and indirect factors that could impact the ultimate decisions addressed by the court. Our thorough evaluation approach relies on three important perspectives in considering an individual’s functioning:
How was the person functioning prior to the alleged harm?
How was the person functioning at the time of the evaluation? How has the alleged harm affected the person since the event and what are the likely long term effects?

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Civil litigation matters in which Clayman & Associates may provide valuable input include, but are not limited to:
Sexual Harassment
Workplace Violence
Hostile Work Environment
Psychological and Emotional Damages
Workers Compensation

Personal Injury/Psychological Damages
Brain Injury
Predisposed Personality

Malpractice and Professional Behavior
Professional Malpractice
Standards of Practice

Civil Competencies
Guardianship Competency to Make Treatment Decisions
Testamentary Capacity

In all cases, Clayman & Associates provides psychological evaluations to help determine psychological conditions, impairments and disabilities that include consideration of the possibility of malingering, and how that impacts the psycho-legal question at hand.

In cases where brain trauma has occurred, we have staff with extensive experience with neuropsychology—the area of psychology that deals with brain function: head injury, tumors, dementia or any factor that might impact brain function. Clayman & Associates also provides unique expertise in the field of medical psychology, essentially, how medical issues can affect people psychologically. We have a thorough insight into the interface between medical problems and psychological issues. We have the necessary understanding of their impact on functioning and how someone should recover given an individual’s unique life circumstances.

After physicians provide a diagnosis, we perform assessments to evaluate a wide range of functional capacities that may include memory, concentration, problem solving, and other abilities that may be impacted by brain damage—with a unique understanding into the course of physical diseases and the impacts of treatment on an individual’s psychological status.

Every day, we handle a range of civil litigation issues that often require extensive research in order to understand every aspect of the case. It is our duty to consider all factors that might contribute to a particular incident or behavior in order to provide a thorough and unbiased assessment.

Our distinct and thorough knowledge allows us to develop the most accurate and complete evaluation for any civil litigation case. The extensive understanding of the law and its processes, coupled with expertise regarding its interface with psychological factors demonstrated by Clayman & Associates is surpassed by few in the field.

“Our pursuit of the facts for making decisions is exhaustive, which has led to what we perceive as success—long-term reliance on our assessments as an authority for helping make legal decisions.”

–Dr. David A. Clayman