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BPS Assessments

You know there is a concern or problem with an employee and you need answers. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to define the problem and to provide appropriate recommendations for remedy. Our objective, data-driven analyses and suggestions for action are derived from a proven, comprehensive assessment process.

Clayman & Associates offers Business. People. Solutions. assessments that provide you with:
Quality Evaluations. Valuable Reports.
We concentrate on specific needs. Our cognitive and functional assessments focus on the detailed referral issue(s) and job description so that the recommendations for remedy and suggestions for action are valuable and relevant.

Flexible Scheduling and Treatment
We provide assessments that work with your schedule and preference—we perform evaluations both in-office (Clayman & Associates) and on-location (your workplace). We also provide a flexible menu of treatment options based on recommendations, budget and need.

A Reliable Team Partner
As your partner, we join your management team to view problems within your organization from an unbiased, objective perspective. Our staff will integrate into your team in order to work with your corporate culture to preserve the company’s policy and procedures, coach and support your team throughout the entire process and work directly with management to produce effective, outcome-oriented solutions.

Timely Appointments. Feedback Within 24 Hours.
When faced with a questionable or potentially dangerous employee/workplace situation, we respond immediately to your referral, schedule an appointment based on your needs and provide you with assessment feedback within 24 hours of the referral appointment.