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We understand that problems cannot be clearly defined or resolved in an hour or be put on hold when you need immediate attention. If you are faced with life’s complex problems, no matter how big or small, you need clear solutions.

Regardless of how long you have been suffering or how bad you feel, our goal is to take a fresh view of where you are in life—we see you for who you are. Clayman & Associates specializes in dealing with a wide array of circumstances, from complicated life issues to complex mental health disorders. We reach beyond the stigma. We do not offer manufactured promises or instant remedies, only experienced, solution-oriented answers.

Developed by Clayman & Associates, LifeGuide is a process that works to resolve problems that have not been successfully dealt with by other traditional methods. LifeGuide is thinking beyond the couch and beyond the ordinary. There is a difference.

Ask Yourself: Is LifeGuide Right for You?
  • Has anyone ever suggested that you see a mental health professional?
  • Have you ever felt like your emotional problems were interfering with your everyday life?
  • Have you seen a mental health professional and did not feel one hour or less a week was enough?
  • Are you worried about the stigma that is often associated with seeing a mental health professional?
  • Do you want to solve your problems without depending on medication?

The difference in your life is LifeGuide. The difference in LifeGuide is Clayman & Associates.

The difference is in our philosophy.

The difference is in our approach.

The difference is in the partnership.

The difference is in your resolution.

Problems in the workplace? We also provide LifeGuide for your business! Click here to learn more.

Like any other type of treatment, LifeGuide is not for everyone. The LifeGuide process requires a genuine commitment by individuals who are ready to make positive changes in their lives.

Please note: Clayman & Associates, PLLC does not accept any form of insurance.