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The workplace can prove to be an environment filled with complicated problems that need clear definition, leading to a practical plan for resolution.

Much like a family, you must take into account the unique characteristics of every person, as well as the dynamics of the group. LifeGuide addresses different personalities, coping strategies and life experiences that sometimes are challenged to the point of causing a mild-to-severe disruption in the workplace.

A natural progression of LifeGuide [for dealing with personal life issues] is to utilize the same focused intensity of the LifeGuide service, customized to meet your organizational needs. LifeGuide helps your business deal with complex work-related issues that could be affecting productivity, employee morale and your bottom line.

Just as the traditional model of therapy does not work for all individuals, the same is true for businesses. The problems may be different, but the fundamentals are the same. After all, the same basic principle is involved no matter if it is personal or work related—individual or department—solving people problems.

Every business is faced with difficulties that sometimes seem overwhelming or insurmountable. Many business problems have been successfully resolved by LifeGuide. LifeGuide provides the opportunity to see your company’s situation from a different perspective—a perspective that comes from years of experience in helping businesses reach positive resolutions.

Regardless of the situation, we maintain an objective, rational point-of-view. Clayman & Associates specializes in dealing with a wide variety of circumstances, from complicated workplace issues to complex individual situations. We reach beyond the stigma. We do not offer manufactured promises or instant remedies, only experienced, solution-oriented answers. Developed by Clayman & Associates, LifeGuide is a process that works to resolve problems that have not been successfully dealt with by other traditional methods. LifeGuide is thinking beyond the couch and beyond the ordinary. There is a difference.

Ask Yourself: Is LifeGuide Right for Your Business?
  • Have you attempted using another provider or EAP program and found it to be unsuccessful?
  • Has an individual experienced a noticeable life change as a result of disruptive behavior in the work setting?
  • Are you concerned that the emotional stability of an employee may prevent the employee or department from performance in the workplace, safety of the work environment?
  • Has a previously high-performing team become conflictive, dysfunctional or unproductive? Are you at a loss about knowing what to do with personal issues causing problems for key employees?
  • Has an employee referral been rejected because the individual is concerned about the stigma often associated with seeing a mental health professional?
The difference in your business is LifeGuide. The difference in LifeGuide is Clayman & Associates.

Problems in your life? We also provide LifeGuide for your personal needs! Click here to learn more.

Like any other type of treatment, LifeGuide is not for every business. The LifeGuide process requires a genuine commitment by companies who are ready to make positive changes in the workplace.

Please note: Clayman & Associates, PLLC does not accept any form of insurance.